7 ways to earn passive income as a student

For living a healthy and beautiful life money is important. Money is a tool that allow you to live full life. Every student think to become financially independent. As a student, I can understand that many people wanted to earn some money.

Before further reading you should know-   

What is passive income?                                                              

Passive income is putting on-time effort and the effort is monetized. We can mainly earn passive income from rental property  or a business in which one does not actively participate, such as being paid book royalties or stock dividends. Passive income is not all about “get-rich-quick”  it also involve work.

With a busy schedule in college life you can earn your first dollar with passive income streams. There are tons of passive income streams but we have selected some of the methods that are easy to done as a student.

7 Passive income ideas for students


I know its hard to believe but many bloggers around the world are making more the 5 figure income through the blogging stream. You can choose one of the niche you have interested in and you’re started.

You basically need hosting provider, a domain name with an investment of around Rs.2000[$30].Its a fastest growing passive income stream. You can monetize your blog with google adsense or if your blog have enough traffic then you can accept guest post to earn.

2.Publish your own e-book

Many people write there own book and publish in online and earn money with spending a penny. This is a really easy and practical idea to earn money as a student.

 Find a topic and write an e-book on your spare time. You can use instamojo to your e-book without investment.

3.Sell stock photo or video

Do you like clicking photo or recording video? Or editing? If you, then you can choose selling it on stock photo or video website like gitty, shutterstock and many more.

Many people on these website use your photo on their website so you earn some penny from it.

4.Sell customized goods

If you are creative person then you can sketch a design and hire a graphic designer to make your design onboard. So you can print it on t-shirt or coffee mug and sell it online or offline.

There are many event happening around your college so you can sell it there and earn much more.

5.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is all about selling things and earn commission on products. It doesn’t mean you have to sell things like you see in retail shop.

You just have to share link to the people, if people buy the product after clicking on link, you’ll get commission.

6.Starting Youtube channel

Youtube is most popular search engine after google search engine. On an average people spend 11 hours weekly on youtube. So starting a youtube channel is not a bad idea.

You can choose a niche like technology, comedy, movies, etc. There are endless topics to choose to create youtube channel. You can earn passive income after monetizing or getting sponsorship.

7.Create a website or app

Building a website or app is still a very good option to earn passive income

despite it have many competitor. Creating website and app is not too difficult to make and you can promote in social media easily. Once it start getting much traffic you can monetize and earn money from advertisement.

There are tons of other method to earn passive money but here in the blog I have selected the method that are really easy to start. I know many of us have seen young people started to earn this much money? At this much age? And many people think how we can also earn this much money? So I have write this blog to give some idea to earn money.

Passive income gives person a freedom to live your life and have some good lifestyle. You have to invest some time and effort to earn income initially.

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